Mission I’mpossible


The term “impossible” comes from the Latin adjective impossibilis. The prefix im– means not. So, not possible. That’s what you picture in your mind when your eyes meet the word impossible: something beyond the bounds of possibility, something unattainable. Maybe even something implausible or unbelievable and absurd.

But that same prefix, if we slip an apostrophe between the I and the M, becomes the first person, Present Tense, of the verb to be. I’M. I AM.
I enjoy playing with words and that’s what I’ve done. I turned that “not” into an identity. I am. You are. We are. One of the usages of the English Present Simple Tense is to state general or universal truths. “Are there any, really?” you may argue.

Well, despite refusing to see the world with a black or white approach, I really believe that what’s coming up next IS a universal truth.


Just the fact that you are alive, on this complex –sometimes plain complicated!- yet beautiful planet, makes you POSSIBLE. You have possibilities in you. Even though you don’t see them now, even though life can be hard sometimes, even though you may think you’re a waste of space and you believe you have no reasons to be on this Earth. You are possible. Your life matters. Things change constantly and they CAN change for the better, for you. Please, keep having faith in yourself. Trust that you CAN and you WILL. Because, truth is, you are much more than enough just the way you are. And then you can always learn and grow and evolve.

I’mpossible T-shirt

We are heavily conditioned by society –often by family as well- to be perfect, avoid making mistakes, be in a certain way. “Be yourself! Ah, but wait…no, not THAT self! Be what *I* tell you to be!”. It’s no surprise that we start thinking that we can’t be ourselves, that it’s impossibile that they will love us just the way we are, that we will never fulfill our dreams or get the job we wish or create the life we want.

Again, in our minds it looks IMPOSSIBLE. And if it does, we may stop trying. We quit. Have you ever feared failure so much that you didn’t even give yourself permission to try and make mistakes? I have. So many times I’ve lost count.

I kept reading my life as the word IMPOSSIBLE: indeed, IMPOSSIBLE.

Do you realize how much an apostrophe can change?! I’M POSSIBLE. And that is my mission. MISSION I’MPOSSIBLE. And no, this is not a “life coach” kind of post. I’m no guru. I’m no guide. I’m a messy human being who does her best every day. And sometimes my best is slightly better than my worst. And that is fine.

I’m just here to remind you that YOU ARE POSSIBLE. You deserve a place on this planet, just like anyone else, I promise (and if you haven’t found one yet, I’ll be rooting for you to CREATE it for yourself!).

You are here and there’s nothing better than this.


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