Mind your brain!


Mental health is something so important. But strangely enough, it’s also something that is very stigmatized in most Countries. Listed Night Owls wants to make people more aware of anything mental health and mental illness related.

Today, on April 27th, we therefore participated in the annual Ångestloppet, the “Anxiety Race”, which took place in Gävle, Sweden. The race, which is 550 meters long, started from the main square and the finish line was located in Boulognerskogen, the biggest park in the city. The purpose of the race is to end the stigma around mental illness and mental disorders and to encourage people to talk more about it.

It’s high time that we all support each other in this journey called “Life”, showing empathy and understanding. Our minds and brains DO get ill, just like the rest of our body. Mental disorders are not to be shamed or feared. They are just a part of us all, as human beings; yet, they do NOT define us.

We, at Listed, believe that each of us can make a difference, that is we support Hjärnfonden (the word “Hjärn” is the Swedish for “Brain”: the Brain Foundation). This association takes care of anything from mental health/illness/disorder to neurological diseases and promotes awareness. You can read more about their work here (in English) : https://www.hjarnfonden.se/om-hjarnfonden/about-hjarnfonden/

If you feel like lending a hand (whether you’re Swedish, you live in Sweden, or you are from anywhere else in the world), you can visit this page to support the work of Hjärnfonden: https://insamling.hjarnfonden.se/fundraisers/listed-nightowls

Let’s end the stigma together.


T. and E. , Listed Night Owls

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