Creative People Improvise Just As Much As You Do


Creativity is a strange thing. It only seems to naturally spring from someone, as if that person had an innate gift, but it is much more complex than that. It is true that some of us were born with an artistic inclination to turn the most ordinary into extraordinary. It is also true that, where some people see nothing, some others see a whole universe of possibilities. It takes a visionary to create.
You have to imagine something that is not there yet and believe you can make it real.
Creativity is, indeed, a leap of faith.

Södermalm, Stockholm

However, behind the ultimate result, the creation, there are many attempts, many trials, an infinite number of failures and billions of experiments. What you observe, admire, criticize, get inspired by, what you don’t understand or simply what you find in front of you, is only the final chapter of a long story. Behind it there are moments of sheer excitement, deep loneliness, fits of rage, explosions of joy.

There are sleepless nights or very unproductive days, an impressive amount of procrastination (the “I can’t find the inspiration!”, stuck-in-a-rut periods), unnumbered writer’s blocks (or artist’s blocks, or musician’s…). There are mood swings, sweat and tears mixed up with perseverance, determination, laughters, disillusionment and, then again, an unshakeable belief that what you have been doing can make a difference.

Creativity is a road sprinkled with holes and blessed with a breathtaking scenary. To enjoy the latter you have to roll with the former.

After all, the act of living, life itself, is a creative process.

So, dear human being reading this, go out, make mistakes, experiment, reinvent your life as many times as you want, colour it, use your -supposed- failures to do something beautiful and hopefully helpful to others.

Nobody really has life figured out -creative people know this best- and each of us is the result of many drafts and first, second, third and more versions.
The more you create -just as the more you live- the more you learn, the less you know and the bigger the chaos.

But it’s a creative chaos and above all it’s yours: protect it, love it, share it with others and be proud.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

-Erich Fromm-

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